MarshIsland WP 2

Award Winning author Oliver F. Chase takes us for a ride to namesake, remote Marsh Island, Louisiana by way of Las Vegas, the Tropics, and Mexico. In the style of Craig Johnson’s “Longmire,” and with the gritty acerbity of James Lee Burke, Phil Pfeiffer returns from the Gulf War with a broken back and a bad taste in his mouth. His country all but forgot its promise and left him to die after a failed black ops mission in a distant land.

Out of rehab and uniform, Phil lives a quiet life reporting cheating husbands to angry wives and skip tracing for a local bail bondsman. When a widow convinces Phil to investigate the death of her wayward husband in a Mexican boating accident, people start dying. Locals declare the man dead and authorities issue a death certificate, but six month later, the widow is no longer convinced. She finds her husband’s photo in a celebrity magazine and presses Phil into service once again.

The trail fizzles and yet people continue to die. When the celebrity is killed in a Bahamian aircraft accident, Phil is browbeaten one last time into reopening the investigation. A vacation suits him until he is thrown to ravenous sharks and forced to swim into the arms of the authorities waiting to charge him with murder.



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