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Dear Readers,

Allow me to plug a little group of writers, eclectic in our makeup, dedicated to our craft, and not afraid to speak our mind. Interesting authors.com is all of that. Join us.

The Wild Rose Press will release my latest novel, Camelot Games, a political novel of our time.  Here’s a bit of a tease:

A meteoric career awaits the dynamic son and lovely daughter of California field workers. Winning election after election, the kingmaker proclaims the time is right and the sky’s the limit. Cast in the image of John and Jacqueline Kennedy’s bygone era come hints of the nation’s first Latino presidency.

Just when life seems most promising, the senator’s beautiful aide goes missing. Rumors abound. Storm clouds darken personal horizons while three thousand miles away, an unwitting fisherman stumbles upon her pregnant corpse. The media whips speculation into accusation just as the senator’s plane goes missing.

As revelations drive conjecture, the country’s electrical grid comes under a furious hacker attack. But from whom? Words of the absent senator’s warning prove prophetic when the nation plunges into a chaos that threatens a second and far uglier American Civil War.

Oliver F. Chase, Camelot Games

A short time ago while on the road, a reader asked if our little group didn’t feel overwhelmed by the number of emerging authors, books, and the weight of the few “great writers” from giant publishing houses. Thoughtful question. Yes, we are caught in the crossfire of a million books and new writers, as well as multiple small-house start ups, publishing house mergers, and nefarious imprint consolidations. We few writers of IA.com however refuse to be victims. It’s just too easy to blame others for the mess that is today’s writing and publishing industry. The perpetrators are not Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as many might believe. They haven’t been necessarily good citizens, but then again, they haven’t been bad either. As readers, we must take responsibility for the choice of the entertainment we chose. If our appetites lead to the demise of legacy or traditional industries, then so be it, even if we might have chosen wrong. Time to pick ourselves up and do better. The world has changed, and we must roll with our new and exciting times.

Even though we few writers are minor cogs in a very large wheel, I intend to support my local businesses and small brick & mortar bookstores. I will however occasionally go to the big boxes and the Walmarts, just as I’ll buy on the internet. I won’t purchase paper tripe however, even if the cost is only six bucks. That’s just plain wrong. When I’d like some personal attention or a particular service that doesn’t fit those molds, I’ll seek out my fellow store fronts and small businesses, and hope they do the same for me.

Why? Because that’s just the way to get along in life. So let’s quit the belly aching and enjoy our wonderful times. In the not too distant future, Pearl River Publishing may even become profitable. Until then, the imprint is self-funded, forward thinking, open to new ideas, and able to accommodate our loyal followers.

And, we’re having fun. After all, the reader is why the writer writes, is it not?

All my best, Oliver

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